AFG Capital

Investment and Advisory Firm

AFG Capital is an independent investment and advisory firm specialising in the natural resources, power, infrastructure,
and agriculture sectors


Trade Financing

We offer our expertise in commodities trade financing that may be arranged with banks or via private placement.  

Project Funding

We offer our services in procuring the financing required for early stage projects in mining, infrastructure and power sectors. The scope of funding may include technical and legal due diligence, competent person reports (CPR), preliminary feasibility studies (PFS), fatal flaw analysis reports (FFA) and such other costs that are generally incurred to secure subsequent equity financing. The later may be provided through initial public offering (IPO) that is usually structured as a reverse take over (RTO) or alternatively as direct investment from one of our potential project partners.

Pre-IPO Assessment and IPO Funding

AFG Capital may conduct in-house preliminary company market valuation, key risks evaluation and advice on an appropriate corporate and governance structure. If the prospective IPO assessment reveals no structural and fundamental impediments, AFG Capital may be engaged to procure financing to prepare the asset for the prospective IPO. A suitable investment banking team may then be chosen to lead through the whole placement process on London, Honk Kong or Singapore stock exchanges.

Project Management

AFG Capital may be engaged as a manager and/or coordinator for projects implemented in Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. We can be employed at all project stages to assist with the following:

  • Assess and mitigate political and environmental risks
  • Facilitate application for relevant project permits and licensing
  • Ensure appropriate public image is maintained
  • Local management appointment

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