AFG Capital

Investment and Advisory Firm

AFG Capital is an independent investment and advisory firm specialising in the natural resources, power, infrastructure,
and agriculture sectors

Mining and Mineral Resources

What We Do

AFG Capital operates across the mineral resources sector focusing on greenfield opportunities in coal, precious metals, ferrous and base metals such as: gold, silver, copper, antimony and iron.

Where We Operate

We are currently engaged in developing a number of gold and copper, assets in DR Congo, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. 

Our Investment Approach

We seek for prospective medium to large deposits that have undergone initial geological exploration sufficient to have an indication of inferred or indicated mineral resources. We then procure financing to bring the asset to international reporting standards which allows for placement on London, Toronto or Singapore public markets.

Our Services

AFG Capital provides a full range of services aimed at bringing the asset to the market:

  • Project financing procurement and strategic advice
  • Pre IPO assessment and market valuation
  • Project management and coordination
  • Facilitation of government permits, licenses applications and European Export Finance applications

For more information please refer to “Our services” section. 

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