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Project Overview

Our project is addressing the dairy manufacturing sector in particular we are aiming to establish state of art 1,200 herd milk farm alongside with dairy production facilities. Leveraging on Georgia’s far going farming tradition alongside with favourable climate and with our technical expertise we believe the enterprise will supply the domestic market with highest quality dairy produce.


Government Support

As the project outlined above requires over 1,000 hectares of land for fodder crops, and farm facilities, we would be seeking government support with regards to allotting the required land plots, their location and purchase/lease options available to advance with the project.

Market Overview

Current structure of the dairy sector in Georgia may be characterized by comparing domestic and international data, where it becomes evident that the industry requires radical modernization and formidable investment:

  • Domestic production is highly fragmented: In 2011 small households with average herd of 2-3 cows produced 99.7% of all the domestic milk output, leaving only 0,3 to large enterprises.

  • The production is out-dated and inefficient with average yield of milk not exceeding 1,309kg/year per cow, whereas this value in US approximates to 8,000kg/year, Germany 7,000kg/year and Israel 10,000kg/year.

  • Local production insufficient to satisfy domestic demand – over 40 thousand tons of milk and milk products are imported to Georgia annually that is including powdered milk which forms basis to many mediocre quality dairy products.

Georgian Milk – Initiative Group

At present the enterprise is a product of cooperation of the following members:

  1. AFG Capital Limited 
  2. Vital Agro Limited – a Ukraine based company specializing in agriculture with 1450ha of land under development and elevator capacity of 10,000 tones located in Poltava region. The company’s has a formidable experience in introducing advanced agriculture techniques that are optimized for the region of operation and equipment available. 

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