AFG Capital

Investment and Advisory Firm

AFG Capital is an independent investment and advisory firm specialising in the natural resources, power, infrastructure,
and agriculture sectors

About us

Who We Are

We are an investment boutique backed by high net worth individuals with the main focus on natural resources, power, infrastructure and agriculture sectors. 

What We Do

AFG Capital targets capital-intensive investment opportunities at the early stages of development, procuring seed funding. Once the asset matures sufficiently, successive project financing is secured through initial public offering or private equity funding with institutional or large corporate investor.

Investment Strategy

The group strives for a synergetic effect produced by chaining interdependent projects into integrated structure. Faced with a number of opportunities we aim to pick those that will produce a higher value by a factor if undertaken in tandem, i.e. coal mine development with thermal plant construction, mining asset development with logistic infrastructure construction.

Geographic Reach

We operate in the CIS countries of DR Congo, Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan where we are mostly involved in the natural resources sector. 

Our Phylosophy

We believe that it is vital to maintain an unbiased stance and preserve professionalism, integrity and honesty even in the most challenging environments. 

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